LOC only approaches in NavData

Will Navigraph ever include LOC only approach procedures in the database? The reason I ask is that I have read previous comments that indicate that when an approach plate is labeled “ILS or LOC”, then Navigraph only codes the ILS fixes into the approach procedure and only the ILS procedure is available for the navigators like the GNS 430 I am using in X-Plane 11, and LOC only approach procedures are not available in the NavData.

However, in real life, the LOC only approaches have additional step-down fixes that are not included in the associated ILS procedure, so we are unable to fly LOC only approaches in the sim without inserting the additional fixes into the approach. It would be nice if Navigraph was able to provide LOC only approach procedures.

do you have an example for an approach with an additional step down fix on the loc which is different to the ILS?

Thank you

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