CYYZ LOC Approaches missing in FSLABS A320 and Aerosoft Airbus Pro

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I recently installed the NAVIGRAPH product and have found the LOC approaches in CYYZ are no longer available in FSLABS A320 and Aerosoft Airbus Pro. These approaches are present in the non-NAVIGRAPH database.

Please let me know if you require any further details.

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Are there any LOC only approaches published for CYYZ ?

NG Charts and AIRAC have all ILS approaches, including FSL

Yes, the LOC only approaches are incorporated into the ILS charts (CYYZ 11-6 for runway 23).

The LOC only approach for CYYZ RWY 23 is a common approach used in Airbus FPA training. Likely, due to the close proximity of the VEPVU and OMTOK altitudes (also note the 3.1 degree FPA).

The LOC only approaches are also selectable in the real aircraft as well as in the non-NAVIGRAPH databases I have utilized.

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Please can you give us a official reference (like AIP charts or similar else) for this missing approach, that we can report this.

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I have attached CYYZ 11-6 and done my best to highlight the LOC only portions of the approach.

11-6 is one example. All of the LOC only approaches were not available in the NAVIGRAPH database but are available in other non-NAVIGRAPH databases.

As a side note our company charts also have VDA information published on 11-6.

Please let me know if you require more information.

Thank you again.

Sorry, but this is the ILS approach with loc information and not a LOC only approach. You were speaking from a LOC only approach, which should be available.

I need a reference to this LOC only approach - the charts are showing an ILS with the loc portion.

A LOC only (or in this case with NDB) approach is this - and here you see the VDA also:

So, what I need is a real-world reference to this LOC only approach please.


I have attached the Canada Air Pilot CYYZ ILS 23 approach plate. The ‘ILS’ and ‘LOC only’ approaches are incorporated into one single chart.

I have also attached screenshots from the FSLABS A320 product highlighting the differences between the NAVIGRAPH database and the non-NAVIGRAPH database. The differences being, the LOC23 is selectable in the non-NAVIGRAPH database, and when selected the appropriate OMTOK altitude of 2000’ and 3.1 degrees are properly coded in the approach.

I can also confirm that in the real world aircraft the ‘LOC only’ approaches are selectable in the FMGC.

Please let me know if you require any further information.

Thank you again for your help!

Ok, have it - when a LOC only approach is incorporated in an ILS - then only the ILS part is coded in the standard. NAV Canada offers only the pure ILS and not a seperate LOC only approach. That´s the reason, why it´s missing …


“NAV Canada offers only the pure ILS and not a seperate LOC only approach.”

For clarity, NAV Canada offers the separate ‘LOC only’ approach as an available procedure which is why it should be an option in the NAVIGRAPH FMGC database, just as it is in the real world aircraft. NAV Canada does not publish a separate approach plate as the ‘LOC only’ information is available on the ILS plate.

I checked CYUL and CYYC and it appears to be the same case with respect to the NAVIGRAPH database.

Is it possible to have these omissions corrected?

Thank you again!

No, not in the standard version which we use, sorry!

I am sorry to hear that. I prefer the NAVIGRAPH product overall but the competitor’s product offers these approaches in their database more similar to the real world aircraft.

Thank you again for your time and help in the matter.

Sorry, in this case we have no option.

Thanks for your understanding,your patience with me and your input here - much appriciated!


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