NDB Frequencies

I am not able to tune and use NDB’s in MSFS so I was looking on Navigraph charts to see if the NDB’s were there. When I checked the information panel for several of them the frequency is listed in Mhz instead of Khz. NDB’s are low frequency transmitters in the 190 to 1230 Khz range. I don’t know if that is causing the difficulty i’m experiencing, but I thought you would want to know about the frequency mis-labeling.
I don’t recall all the NDB’s I checked, but one was the piche NDB on 332 Khz located at KICT ILS 1R.

As a certificated pilot I thoroughly enjoy using navigraph charts because they are essentially the Jep charts I used IRL.


Follow up: after rechecking several more NDBs, I found that piche NDB appears to be the only one of those I checked that had the frequency listed in Mhz. I didn’t intend to imply it was all NDBs. The Piche NDB was also the only one of those I checked that was inoperative.