I have 117 pax at 80kg each plus 20kg baggage, as per profile of this A319. 2.9T added as cargo. That should give a ZFW of 55.4T (40.8 OEW + 11.7T Pax+Bags + 2.9 Cargo), but calculation by Simbrief gives 54.5T. Oil? Cater? Thanks.


It looks like you selected the Default A319 when you created your flight. Make sure to select your airframe in the aircraft list. It should be near the top and labelled something like: DHK2X - A319-100 [FREIGHT].

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Thanks for your answer. There is still a weird discrepancy:
my A319 profile is 80Kgs /pax and 20Kg baggage per pax but sheet gives payload of 13.2 for 135 pax and 2.4 cargo (10800 + 2400) but 2400/135= 17.7, not 20 :>0 And cargo vs baggage is also a source of confusion for aircraft dev, like Toliss, for whom cargo is in addition to pax + baggage


In this case, you hit your max cargo limit. You have set the “Max Cargo Weight” in your custom airframe to 2,400 kg. That’s why SimBrief is only loading 2,400 kg worth of baggage.

2,400 kg is likely too low of a cargo limit for the A319 anyways. For reference, SAS lists the A319 maximum cargo weight at 6,655 kg for the 3 compartments combined (source).

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True. I had set the 2.4 limit because it’s the max additional cargo that the A/C can take with full tanks. So if I want to simulate cargo I have to put pax at 80+20, baggage at 0 and cargo at 2400? Or baggage at 2.4 and cargo at 0? Thanks.

Hi, not sure I 100% understand your question.

But yes, if you want to limit the amount of extra freight that SimBrief will plan to 2400, you could set the passenger weight to 100 (80 + 20), set the baggage weight to 0, and set the max cargo weight to 2400.

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In the simBrief profiles, baggage weight is classified as cargo and will therefore count towards that 2400kg limit.

If you don’t want baggage to count towards cargo, then you need to setup your custom airframe so that passengers weigh 100kg and baggage weighs 0kg (100 + 0 instead of 80 + 20, payload of 100kg per passenger like before, but baggage not counting towards the cargo weight on the OFP).



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Hi, I’m loving the new look SimBrief! I thought I would add to this thread instead of starting a new one as the issue I have run into is similar. I have a custom DA62 airframe saved and found that the planner is not using the passenger weights I set (85kg). Plus, I was wondering if the “Estimated” ZFW and TOW allowed for a slight over variation on the limit set in the saved airframe.
Passenger count of 6, with zero baggage, should weigh 510 kg. The planner has set that many passengers with a total payload of 449 kg.

Additionally, estimated ZFW is 2169 kg + block fuel 140 kg = 2309 kg estimated TOW. The planner says the estimated TOW is 2300 kg. It’s omitting the additional 9 kg.

It’s not a huge deal, but when you have kids and trying to squeeze a quick fly in on the weekend :sweat_smile: