What's happening here, please help

Screenie 002

I just don’t get it!

I guess I am doing something stupid or over thinking the problem?


Well with an empty weight of 168 tons, and an max zero fuel weight of 170 tons, you only gave yourself 2 tons of available payload.

My guess is the empty weight is a bit off…

Hmmm, I thought that but all these figures are from sites like these; https://www.flugzeuginfo.net/acdata_php/acdata_a330_200_en.php and https://www.aircraft-commerce.com/wp-content/uploads/aircraft-commerce-docs/Aircraft%20guides/A330-200-300/ISSUE57_A330_SPECS.pdf so I cannot figure out what is wrong, unless I’m missing something???


Plus that only means with max PAX + max baggage that only comes to 33,354 kg’s. I don’t get it???

Someone please sort my head out for me…


According to the A330_SPECS page you sent, the numbers are as following

(all in KGs)
MZFW 179000
MTOW 233000
MLDW 182000

OEW 121000
MAX PLD 48900

and you need to add crew and catering etc. So my best spitball DOW would be around 130t not 168t like you have set it as. So that gives you a usable payload of about 48.9t

Hi and thanks.

I’ll give that a whirl.