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XP12 reports the message given in the title at startup and then aborts:

I can’t find the supposedly missing file FixXP1200 anywhere.

I am looking forward to a reply.

Greetings, Marcel

I’m 100% sure, that you have set the wrong mapping for XP12. Why have you set it manually and not via the scan button? Is there any reason for that?


I probably did this by mistake. Don’t remember. :slight_smile:

Now I have deleted all files in the Custom Data directory, except the files installed by FMS Data Manager. Now XP12 starts.

The Custom Data directory now looks like this:

2022-09-10 16_25_24-Custom Data

Is this OK?

No Marcel thats not ok …

Delete the XP12 mapping in the FMS Data Manager. Save it abd after that press the scan button. The FDM should find and add the XP12 entry automatically. Press again save and switch to the page,where you can update XP12 and update it.

This should be the content of the Custom Data folder, when all is installed correctly:


PS: you can remove the whole content of the custom data folder

Now I know again why I added the Custom Data manually before and not via the scan function. Because the FMS Data Manager has taken the data from the XP11 directory. Just like now again.

… but in the screenshot you have again mapped it manually? … Please remove the line, save it and press the scan button. What do you see in the XP12 path then?

You should have seen like this:

Also can you post a screenshot of your settings, where the XP12 path is set in the FDM, like:

Thank you

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Shit, my mistake, I thought I had the latest version of FMS Data Manager installed. After the update everything is fine. Thank you very much. I am thrilled.

Custom Data

Best regards, Marcel

Ouch :+1: … fine, great that it’s solved. Thank you very much for your feedback.

Happy flying - schönes Wochenende

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