Loading Navigational Data in X-Plane 12

I purchased X-Plane 12 on Sep 6, 2022 and haven’t been able to complete a flight without navigational issues. I spent all day yesterday trying to correct the following error which prevents the sim from running: Wrong or old file format, 1101 or 1200 Version is required for F:\X-Plane 12/Custom Data/earth_fix.dat but it read 600 version - AIRAC Cycle 2209 Rev. 1, parsed on 20220827, Data provided by Navigaph. On my PC both X-Pane 11 and MSFS work without navigational issues. I’ve used the Navigraph FMS Data Manager as usual without success. All the manual changes have been loaded to the Custom Data folder within X-Plane 12.
Can you please provide instructions on how to fix this discrepancy that seems to only affect X-Plane 12 and prevents it from operating. Thank You

which FMS Data Manager version do you use? We have release a update for approx a week or so. So, first pease check if you are using the latest version

Thank you

I don’t have the latest update. Where and how can I download it. Are you sending these updates to your subscribers like myself? Thank you.

Yes, you should receive a windows notification, if you haven’t disabled it. You can download it from our webpage in your account.

Update your FMS Data Manager first, because the old versions were both XP12 compatible.


I got the update and fixed the issues I had. Thank you for your quick response and the good product you provide.

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