All I get is an .index file

Hello, I have noted that my XP11 data (residing in Custom Data) appears to be out of date despite running an update on the FMS. I then proceeded to delete all the data (including the folder GNS430), and re-run the data update in the FMS- however all I get from an update is just an .index file (I checked the path to XP11/Custom Data is correct). Given that I don’t even know what the .index file does, what am I doing wrong? The data that I previously deleted had the file cycle-info.txt which shows the nav data as 2011, although I was in the 2012 cycle. Note that I am on a Mac.

To add to the confusion I am having, I believe that XP11.50 requires a different set of data than previous versions of XP11- how do I make sure that I am getting the correct data set for XP11.50r3? Does the FMS detect the XP11 version automatically? Thanks, Bruce.

Update- I saw some other posts here after posting this message. After uninstalling the Navigraph FMS and associated data folder, and installing the current version, I now have my correct 2012 nav data back. Hopefully this forum post will help someone else. Thanks for the great Navigraph product!

Hi Bruce,

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Glad it is resolved.


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