Loading last Simbrief flightplan into Pro/ATC

As of to day It is not possible to load last Simbrief generated flightplan into: PRO/ATC.SR. Get error message: no valid flightplan found. Any one have this problem?

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Hi Wim,

Check you have Generated the OFP in SimBrief ? Check you have the correct format plan for PRO-ATC (pln?)
Check you are loading this plan into PRO-ATC.

I only have an old version of PRO-ATC and it loaded my OFP without error.


I am having the same issue. I have generated an OFP in SB, I have the correct Pilot Id in Pro-ATC SR. When you said ‘Check you are loading this plan into PRO-ATC’ what do you mean? Does that mean use the SimBrief downloader to export the plan into a PRO-ATC folder? If so I’m not seeing that format/option in the dowloader.

Hi Brian,

In PRO-ATC you can Import Flight Plan from file. This works for MSFS .pln format files.

SimBrief Downloader doesn’t have a specific PRO-ATC, so I just added
F:\PRO-ATC-X\Import\Flightplans as an additional MSFS pln folder.
(My PRO-ATC path is F:\PRO-ATC-X)

Alternately you just navigate to where you have saved .pln flight plans and import from there.


Thanks Ian. So importing the latest OFP generated in Sim Brief doesn’t work in this app the way it does in the PMDG 737s or Navigraph Charts. I think the description should be changed to remove the word “latest” or “last”.


Hi guys,
I have tried to reproduce it and I can confirm - a direct load of a Simbrief flightplan is not possible. It looks there is any issue in the Pro-ATC/SR app. Please report this issue to the Pro-ATC/SR devs, that has nothing todo with us.

But as option, safe the FP in Simbrief in the "Squakbox format - after that you can load it in Pro-ATC/SR without any problems.


Pro-ATC/SR - Flightplan → Import flight plan → from file:

Go to your folder, where you have saved your flightplan and open it:

… and here the result of my flight LOWW to EDDS planned via Simbrief:

Hope that helps - Merry Christmas,