Charts inport OFP

When I click on the Flights, +new flights then from Sim Brief I get the same flight from three days ago. It says load the latest Sim Brief OFP but it always loads the same old flight, not the one I have just created and saved in Sim Brief.



Make sure you generate OFP for the just created and saved flight plane.

Does this resolve it for you?


Sounds daft but how do you create an OFP is it just by clicking the Generate flight button.

On my screen it has an Icon Generate flight, is the same as generate OFP icon. If not how do I get the Generate OFP Icon.

Yes, if you press the Generate Flight icon you will see the green bar as it generates , and you then see the OFP summary.

In Charts make sure you have your Simbrief ID entered into settings, then you should be able to import the Simbrief OFP you just created.


Done all that but still will not load plan just created just keeps loading plan now three days old.

Hi Roger,

In SimBrief, please create a new flight plan with city pairs you have not used before, say YMML-YSSY.

Press Generate Flight, check you get green bar:

In Charts\New Flight\From Simbrief make sure you see the same new flight plan. Click on magenta Use Flight Plan:

New flight plan should show in Charts :


Hi Ian,

how do I find Charts → Newflight → From SimBrief within Navigraph?

Best Regards


Please disregard - found it