FP created by SimBrief do not comply with PATC/SR

Thank you for the updated version of SimBrief. It looks amazing and much better!
Let me share a concern about the FP created.
These new generated FP do not comply with Pro ATC/SR. There was a very well working Navigraph integration with PATC/SR, which allowed the FP to be loaded directly from SimBrief, but now the result is “No recent FP found”, when a file is downloaded the message is “Improper file format”.
I put the subject in PATC/SR forum already, but seems the reply takes ages due to reasons beyond my control.
Kindly comment!

Regards: Georgi

Hi Georgi,

Unfortunately I cannot test this myself as I do not have Pro ATC/SR, but nothing should have changed with the flight plan format in this new version. You might need to wait for Pro ATC to answer in their forum, I don’t think we can easily troubleshoot this from our end.

I did see another user posted a video of a workaround to this issue (a few months ago), maybe this will help: What to do when ProATC/SR will not import your SimBrief FP - YouTube

Best regards,

The problem is definetely not concerning SimBrief FP. I had made many tests and the results were same.
However, this is the error message received, if I want to import a FP created.

I will wait for the PATC/SR forum reply and may publish it here, if it will be useful for the audience.
Happy landings!