Cycle 2106 - CRJ550/700 missing SID

Hi, I am using and updated todays AIRAC Cycle 2106 (17.06.2021) for MSFS2020 with Aerosoft CRJ Addon.
At airport LIMF and departure from runway RW36 FMS has only SIDS: SIRL9A and TOP8A.

At SimBrief it calculates an departure with SID GEN8N which is also available with many more in Navigraph Charts for this runway and airport. Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Markus,
the GEN8N is a transition, not a SID … starts at SIRLO and ends at GEN. LIMF has only 3 real SIDs - SIRL9A, TOP8A and TOP6B … additional to this SIDs there are a lot of transitions.

You see the GEN8N as transition to SIRL9A … hope that helps,

Yeah, thank you very much!

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