LFKJ STAR mistake

Hi I am using XP11 with WIN10 and did a flight with VATSIM to LFKJ from LFMN. For this purpose I selected the LONSU arrival and the tower asked me if I want to have the RNPA R approach. So I told them I have only the RNVZ approach in my FMC (see screenshots attached). Actually the RNVZ approach seems to be the same than the RNPA but with the weong name. The Jepperssen map looks ok with the correct name just in the FMC it is shown under a wrong name.
Screenshot 2023-10-16 192533

I’m not sure, if I understand your report correctly. You wrote “STAR missing” but you talk about an approach.

Also, there is no RNP-A approach. Not in the charts, not in the data. You have marked the RNP-AR approach but AR means “Authorization Required” and this is not any approach postfix.

So the RNAV20 should be correct but not the Z … and we don´t have a RNAV-Z for runway 20 in our source nor our database - only the R20 without any postfix.

To check and reproduce it, I need the XP11 addon/aircraft what you have used here.

Thank you

Sorry yes I meant approach mistake not STAR mistake!!
I am using Zibo with XP11.55
Thanks to have a look at this!!

thanks, I have tested it with the Zibo 737 now and it seems, this is a viewing issue in the Zibo FMC. I can reproduce it:

Here, what you see on the main arrival page (I see also the RNVZ 20, which is incorrect and we don´t offer it as RNVZ 20):

… but when you select the RNVZ 20 approach, you will see only the offered RNV 20, without the Z postfix:

It looks, that the Z comes from the previous procedure. So, please report this to Zibo, it looks like more an issue on his side.

Here what we offer in the data and here you see no Z in the data, which is correct:

Hope that helps, but this is not a navdata issue - hopefully Zibo can help.


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