No ILS for LICJ RWY 20 and RWY 25

I noticed that in the MCDU and at Pilot2ATC for the airport LICJ (Palermo) no ILS approach for RWY 25 and 20 is available!
In the charts these are available and if you fly to the airport there is also an ILS!
AIRAC2110 Rev1
Greetings Andreas

Hi Andreas,
this approaches are coded as LOC approaches only - so you should have a LOC20 and a LOC25 approach in your MCDU and in P2A. The reason is, that the missed approach procedures require a turn away from the finall approach course prior the runway. The ARINC424 coding rules (the version which we use) required that an ILS approach be coded to the runway. As a result these procedures (and a few other ILSs with the same design, will be coded the LOC portion only.

red line = runway threshold
yellow line = start of the missed approach

But as you have discovered - the ILS is available and you can fly a fully ILS approaches, but you should select the LOC-approaches.

Hope that helps - cheers,

Thanks for Info!------------------------------------------

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