LGZA Zakynthos VOR16 coded incorrectly? - Fenix A320

  • Bearing of outbound leg of teardrop from ZAK is incorrect (coded as 339 instead of 358)
  • FD16 shows as being on outbound leg instead of on final approach path (when using the coded VOR16 approach - FD16 plots correctly if added as a normal waypoint)
  • Resulting final approach course aimed way to left of runway (Problem highlighted well when the magenta extended centreline of FLS appears on ND)

it looks like a Fenix issue because we don´t have this course (339) in our database in the ZAK-transition for the VOR16 approach. We have ZAK at or above 4000ft → from ZAK course 358 till 8 nm at or above 2600 ft → left turn ZAK 8 dme at or above 2600 ft (=FD16).

That´s exactly what I see also in the Fenix database too and when you wrote, when you enter the FD16 manually it´s correct, it seems that Fenix interprets the legs not 100% correctly in this case. Possible you ask this question the Fenix channel too.


Thanks Richard - I’ll raise it with Fenix to see if they can shed some light :slight_smile:

Made do for now with a PBD on the outbound leg of the teardrop (ZAK/358/8) which made me realise that FD16 was always plotted correctly - it’s just the missing D8.0 point that messes the whole approach up. Have raised with Fenix all the same!