Error: Missing/wrong WPT coding on EDDM ILS 26L approach

AIRAC: Current = 2308
Reference: Chart EDDM 11-3 (ILS or LOC RWY 26L)
System: Windows 10 / MSFS
A/C of error occurence: Fenix A320

The WPT “OTT/15” (D15.4 OTT) - which leads towards the IAF “NELBI” for the ILS RWY 26L - should be 15.4nm on the radial of 055° from the VOR/WPT “OTT”. However, it appears to be co-located with the VOR “OTT” (Distance = 0), or at least in the navigation data base the ‘Fenix’ uses, it is interpreted that way. This leads to a very much shortened final approach path, and also to erronious VNAV behaviour.


Current lateral path, when Arrival coding is…

Corrected path with user defined WPT “OTT15” (D15.4 OTT), in accordance with chart EDDM 11-3

Reference: EDDM 11-3 (excerpt)

aorry for the delay of the response but this topic is a tricky one.

First of all, I xan confirm it also on the ND but when you look on the leg page you see the correct sequence via tge OTT VOR.

I have spent now several hours in the last three days to analyze the issue and to find a fix with any change in the database. Honestly, I haven’t found one and I can"t say, what and where the issue is. I have checked the source data and the sequence is correct so far. You see this also in our chart app which use exactly the same data. So I begin to think, that this is a Fenix issue but I will do a few more tests the next couple of days before I talk with Fenix about this.

I only want to give you an update to this, that this topic wasn"t forgotten. More info, when I have more …

Thanks for your patience!


Hi Richard,
Thanks for your efforts, so far. You are right, in the FMGC the waypoint OTT/15 is indeed shown in the right sequence, BUT: Note that there is no distance given between OTT and OTT/15. For the FMGC, they are practically co-located. If you look closely on trhe ND, you can actually see that too: The OTT/15 overwriting the OTT wpt designator.

In fact, if you delete the waypoint OTT, and the ensuing discontinuity, OTT/15 will suddenly appear co-located to NAPSA. It does not seem to bear any geo-location - or dependency to a fix - of it’s own.


I will now load up the flight in a different aircraft, to see if it is a Fenix issue.

Kind regards, Joerg

It indeed appears to be a problem with the FENIX - or the nav database the FENIX uses: I have loaded the same FP in the PMDG B738, and it shows and sequences correctly.

Hi again Jörg,
just an short update, I’m in contact with some Fenix devs to this issue. Still a little bit unclear for me what and why this happens but it seems (at least from my analyze) no data issue.

But again, I’m also curious about the solution and what we and/or they can do to fix it.

More, when I have more :wink: