LGTS SIDs rwy 16

Hello, the SID’s of rwy 16 of LGTS (the ones that fly 10 miles on MKR/162 and then return to the VOR by a right turn) are not correctly represented, at least on the Fenix A320 that i fly. Instead there is only the outbound leg and then the return to the VOR is ommited, resulting in the aircraft turning towards the next point which in the FSK4B is to the left resulting in heading towards the mountains

I have checked our database and the Fenix data and the data. Both has the backround to MKR included … the strange this is, we have 5 legs in the Fenix database but only 4 will be shown in the FMS leg page.
So, my assumption is that this is a interpretation issue from Fenix and not a data issue.

When you try the same with the FBW A320, which also our data, you will see that this aircraft implements this procedures correctly:

Here the leg page:

… and here the flightpath on the ND:

Looks correct - source is in both the same but the two different developers. So, I guess there is a bug in the Fenix A320, which remove the backcourse to MKR.

Sorry, but please report this to Fenix - I can´t see any data issue in the Fenix database, nor in our source.


I have already submitted a support ticket to Fenix. Thank you

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