LFTZ St-Tropez La Mole missing SID/STAR

St. Tropez LFTZ seems to be missing als SID and STAR procedures. I tried reinstalling the navdata it didn’t work.

which client version do you have installed?

I’ve got the beta 19

Hi again,
I have checked the LFTZ (La Mole) terminal procedures, and all are included (SIDs and STARs).
Here a part of the SIDs:

… a part of STARs:

So, my question again:
You have installed the client beta 19 AND you have removed and installed the AIRAC cycle also after that? When yes, please can you upload your content.xml file here. It´s located in
(assuming you have the Marketstore sim)


Hallo Richard,

i noticed the same… I can also find the STAR´s in World-Map Menu if i plan a flight… but if i type the flightplan manually into fmc and want to choose it, theres no STAR/APP avail!

Could you please check it, if you get the same problem in the plane? I tried the CJ4 with working-title mod.

Best Regards

Hi Benjamin,
here the procedures in the CJ4 mod from Working-Title:

SID list (1st page):

STAR list (1st page):

So, I had asked before (but no response):

  1. You have installed the lastest Navigraph Navdata client beta 19 - right?
  2. You have removed the AIRAC and installed it again with this latest client?

When no … then please:

  1. remove the AIRAC in your current installed client
  2. uninstall your Navigraph Navdata client via the normal windows features
  3. download and install the last version (beta 19)
  4. install the AIRAC cycle 2013 again

When you do exactly this steps - this should fix your issue

Hallo Richard,

yes thank you so much! with your instruction its working!

Many thx and happy new year!

Great Benjamin - this was the result of any older client and cycles. Should be fixed now for you …
Happy New Year,

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