LFTH double runways

Is there a way to read / find the *.bgl file for LFTH in the navigraph-navdata (NN) folder …? There is a problem with one runway on top of the other and the devs recon it’s because of the NN files. Maybe there is a program that could read the *.bgl files and find an airport in a specific folder. ADE for FS2020 does not do it yet.

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the BGL contains normally more then one airport. So to delete an BGL is not a good way because you lost other airports also. The answer from your devs are very easy and simple wrong. It´s not an issue with the navdata files, it´s an issue with the priorities in the sim scenery file.

Therefore, please follow these steps and you will see, all is good after that:

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PS: by the way - I have installed the “Azurpoly LFTH” scenery

Thank you Richard for your quick reply. Because of your ‘Scenery Re-Organize’ post it has become second habit to delete the content.xml file after every new installation in my Community Folder.

I’ve done the uninstall Navigraph … delete content.xml … run MSFS … reinstall Navigraph and will test it now.

My problem with LFTH is a strange anomaly that when I fly TO LFTH everything is fine. When I fly OVER LFTH everything is okay - but when I fly FROM LFTH there is this strange colouring in and around the airport. When I disable the CPL file then everything works as it should and for me even the surroundings look beter -BUT- then I have the double runway problem. Everything else is 100% except the runways.

Don’t know if I can attach a pic in this post … wil try.

Hi Terblanche,
what is this file and from where comes it?

SORRY … I meant CGL :rofl:
was confusing it with my pilot licence.
When you open you LFTH folder you will see a CGL folder and when you open that you will see a sai223.cgl file.

I had a similar problem with LOWS where the enormous CGL file brought my MSFS to its knees when I tried to fly there. Disabling that gave me the whole airport and surroundings perfectly and not a dent in my FPS.

BUT I’ve tested LFTH now after the sequence you’ve suggested and I’m happy to report that the double runways are gone. Will remember it when I encounter a similar problem again.

Aha ok :slight_smile: … CPL = CGL :rofl: … in your next life you are a scenery :upside_down_face:

… but back to your topic:
No idea about the CGL issue, I´m honest - I´m not scenery designer and my knowledge about it is very limited. I´m happy, that I understand what I do every day :grin: … the reorg of the scenery file is sometimes necessary (not regular when you add anything in the community folder), normally this should be done one time and than you can forget it (at least ASOBO doesn´t change anything in the logic in any update).

But it´s a good trick to get all back in the correct order … and easier and faster as to re-install the whole sim :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback and Happy flying …

I prefer ‘SCENERY’ because it is much more enjoyable and pleasant on the eye and healthy for our peace of mind.

Thanks for the help. Really appreciate it.

PS: And a huge thank you for the integration of charts in the GTN750 (as within the Arrow III) and the TBM updated mod. It surely adds a whole new dimension to flying with GPS. It’s hard to believe (even if nobody will) that when I did my IF training way, way back, we did it with sectional carts and old-school WWII nav planning. Nowadays, the students just want to know where’s the GPS switch.

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