LFSB ILS 15 Y BLM/13 plotted incorrectly?

I’m using AIRAC 2202 and Aerosoft CRJ. When I load the ILS15Y for LFSB via ALTI1 it loads a waypoint labeled BLM/13. This waypoint should be 13.3 from BLM along the 271 radial but what actually appears is a waypoint that is 13.3 from BLM along the 91 radial. Which is on the opposite side of the airport. This completely throws off the DME Arc interception. Am I missing something in my understanding or is BLM/13 plotted incorrectly?

Hi David,
it looks like this is an implementation issue in the CRJ. I have checked the data and here I see no issue, according the official technical documentation from the Aerosoft CRJ:

  1. FD leg (“course from a fix to a DME distance”)
  2. from fix is ALTIK on heading 91° (green)
  3. DME is BLM and radial/bearing is 272° (yellow)

When you now look on the definition of a FD leg you see, that the intersection point on 272 can only be near ALTIK and not on the opposite side:


… and here the part of the corresponding chart:

So, the coding looks correct so far, sorry I don´t see any issue here - please report this to Aerosoft, possible they find out what happened here. Thank you!


Thanks. I’m in complete agreement with you on the database being correct. Now I just have to figure out how to correct. (My problem, not yours).
BML13 plots incorrectly in the Aerosoft CRJ but also the Working Title CJ4. That’s why I contacted you. But today I confirmed that it plots correctly in the Working Title G1000Nxi and in the FlyByWire A32x.
Oh the perils of playing with a new flight sim.
Again thanks for the info. My original question has been thoroughly answer and this thread can be closed. Thanks,

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Thanks David for the positive feedback … Please don´t hesiate to contact us again, if you have any further question or similar else :wink:

Have a nice day!


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