LFPO Orly RW 24 SID BUBLI8S Crash to Desktop

Can confirm it with navigraph i get CTD selecting SID BUBLI8S RW 24, without navigraph No crash to Desktop. Can you fix or investigate please?

AIRAC 2013
REV. 6


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Thanks for the report - reproduce able and therefor confirmed … will look deeper into it. Thanks!

thankyou so much sir.

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Figured out - sorry, was my fault - will fix it and will build a new revision … big sorry for the troubles.

well thats true support thankyou so much!

Hi, with rev6 AIRAC, I have also CTD for BUBL8P RWY24

Revision 7 is out now … should be working - sorry gentlemen, I have remarked codelines for testing and have forgotten to remove the remark. Was my fault.

Thanks for the hint and your patience
Merry Christmas

Thankyou Richard Merry Christmas

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