CTD approaching ILS 26L LFPG // iFly FS9.1


With STAR DJL9H and transition OKIPA6W entered in the FMC, inbound ILS26L interception, few miles before the LOC, black screen CTD is appearing and FS9 is shuting down.

2 times already happened.

Is it possible you make a full test please ?

Best Regards,

Charles Bellot

Not the case with others STARs in LFPG with iFly.
Not happened with 747 PMDG, only happened with 737 iFly just as described.

Hi Charles,

I just dusted off my old FS9 and flew STAR DJL9H and transition OKIPA6W , ILS26L interception Loc and GS and autolanded without error. AIRAC 2107.

So I don’t believe it is a navdata issue.

Maybe an addon scenery ?

Otherwise I suggest you post in iFly forum.


Hello Ian,

No scenery actived in this area.

It is very strange because with 747 PMDG it is working well.

And it is alright too with iFly on all others procedures in LFPG.

Hi Charles,
I have also tried your report but I can fly the procedure without any issue, no CTD or something else.

But additional to all of this, iFly has stopped the support for the 737NG on FS2004 officially in the last year. So, also we, when we would identify any issue can’t do anything any longer.

This product is simple outdated, sorry.


Hello all,

@Richard, Ian, retested with the full same procedure with LEVEL-D : all worked fine. Few days ago with PMDG after a 11 hours flight : all worked fine.
Next step, I’ll do the same with iFly FS9.1 / entering manually the STAR + trans.

I’ll try to solve by myself.

Last post about that to keep you in touch.
Same test than yesterday. I entered manually on iFly 737 DJL9H / OKIPA transition. All worked well ! It is the fact DJL STAR is entered in STAR area wich generate this CTD. This is only for this STAR U repeat.

In case someone reach the same issue.

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