Prepar3D CTD on LFBO 14L SIDs


I’m on Prepar3Dv5.2 with the latest AIRAC.

When departing LFBO from runway 14L, I get a CTD. This is with FSLabs Airbus.
A few other users also reported this issue in the FSLabs forum.

I get a CTD on the MEN5A SID but other 14L SIDs were also reported.
Departing other LFBO runways doesn’t seem to be affected.

I am not saying this is a Navigraph data issue, but I have no other ideas.
Could it be looked into, please?

Thanks in Advance!

PS I would like to change my forum name into Rafal. Is it possible?

I have tested the FIST5A and MEN5A departures fully from 14L without issue Rafal, both with NG2109.

It may be worth posting an OFP on the FSL forum where the route causes issue.

Tested here with an old Aerosoft scenery and only ORBX Global Base and Vector in P3Dv5.2. No regions etc.

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Thank you for your reply!

Have you tested with an FSLabs airbus?

What is more, most people are using the new Flightbeam/JSD LFBO scenery, though one person also got a CTD with the default airport.

Here’s the thread (will be visile only for registered FSL users):

Yes, using an FSL A320SL. I did post on the FSL forum that I had no issue with FIST5A in that topic.

Are you using additional ORBX scenery yourself?

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Hi Rafael,
I have also just tested the FISTA5 and the MEN5A departure with the latest FSLabs A320 version in P3D. No CTD - but I use only the stock sceneries in P3D, no addon sceneries. So possible, it´s really a scenery issue …

Further, I have checked the legs directly in the source file but I can´t see any issue here, at least the cause of a CTD. Sorry, but I can´t reproduce it …


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Thank for your reply.

Yes, it looks like it may be a problem on the FSLabs side.
One of the FSL developers wrote they are working with this issue.

Enjoy your day,

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