CTD DOCTR5 SID our of KDCA with CRJ-700

I am unable to fly this SID without a hard CTD. The CTD occurs within 10nm of the turn at DOGUE every time. Other SIDS and STARS into KDCA don’t appear to have an issue. I am running the rev2 of the current AIRAC cycle (2111 rev 2) and the in game panel v 1.0 (although it was not in use during any of the events). I can report that the same behaviour was seen in 2111 rev1, as that was what prompted me to check for a revision. The revision did not help.

three questions:

  1. have you tried it with any other aircraft?
  2. When you remove the MSFS AIRAC update, is the CTD gone in the same situation with the CRJ?
  3. Do you use any 3rd party addon for this airport or the stock scenery?

The MSFS AIRACs has normally nothing todo with the CRJ because the CRJ uses their own database and not the in-game database, means you can fly the CRJ also with the stock data = without any updated MSFS data.


Yes, A320 same crash MSFS
Same AIRAC XPlane Dash8 no problem
Without the AIRAC update no crash
KDCA is an addon, but I removed it and still crashed.
Just flew the CRJ out of DCA on a different departure, REBEL, to KSTL with no issue on same AIRAC

I did more testing today and the only way I could fly this departure was without the CRJ airac. Rev 3 of 2111 still had the crash at the exact same point minutes after the turn at DOGUE.

thanks for the update, but to be clarify the CRJ don’t use the MSFS dataset, so it’s not relevant which AIRAC/revision you have installed in the sim.

The CRJ uses their own dataset and it’s possible, that there is an issue in the CRJ data. We will also try this depature to see what happened.l, but I trust you, it would be strange when we couldn’t reproduce it

Again, I guess more it’s an issue in the CRJ and/or the dataset of the CRJ, not with the MSFS because the CRJ doesn’t use these data.

Keep you informed, when we have new news.
Thanks again

When you say the “CRJ uses their own dataset” I thought the solution described here (MSFS Store CRJ Marketplace Navdata location - #10 by NAVData) replaced the Aerosoft nav DB installed with the CRJ with one that interfaced with the normal Navigraph MSFS nav database. If so, and if the user had it installed, wouldn’t that indicate a possible issue with the Navigraph CRJ DB?

So I am trying to understand which of these the CRJ doesn’t use? Disregard in game panel.

The “Navigraph AIRAC cycle” first line …


Assuming that is the case, could it be an issue in the THIRD line, the CRJ FMS data that is provided by Navigraph?

No, because you wrote, that the same crash happens with the MSFS A320, and this aircraft uses line 1. So I assume more a MSFS issue in this area.