Hi all,

Just want to report an issue with the NG6T STAR of LFMT.

Here is the STAR in Navigraph:

With the MSFS default AIRAC the STAR is quite aligned:

But totally wrong after applying Navigraph AIRAC Cycle 2120 rev.2:

Best regards from France,


Hi Guillaume,
first of all welcome here in our forum and merci for the report.

I guess you are using the standard A320neo, because when I try the same in the FBW A320, this STAR is absolutely correct. We know and it´s also confirmed by ASOBO/MS that the internal flightplanner has a lot of limitations and are not 100% complete. The FBW A320 uses currently the same internal flightplanner with a few fixes and I guess, that´s one of the fix, why this STAR is working in the FBW A320 but not in the default A320.

Here, what I see on the ND with exact the same data but with the FBW A320 mod:

Sorry, but this is an internal limitation of the sim and (as you see) has nothing todo with the data. It´s how the data will be interpreted it and the FBW mod does this much more better than the default A320.

My two recommandations are:

  1. Working Title CJ4 (which uses as complete own flightplanner for their mod and the terminal procedures works nearly perfect - with and without our data)
  2. FBW A320X (still using the internal flightplanner but with fixes - the FBW guys work on it, to implement the same flightplanner as from the CJ4 and then you have a perfect A320 I guess)

Hope that helps,

Hi Richard,

Thank you for your answer.

It’s quite strange, I’m using the FBW a320neo since months now, and I also have the Working Title CJ4 mod in my Community folder.

I was using the special “Custom FBW” version during my tests, with the in house AP, so I just tried with the stable version 0.5.2 but I get the same (wrong) result.

I’m probably doing something wrong, but I’m wondering what. Do you have some other leads?

Best regards,


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