LFMN (Nice) Missing in MSFS 2020 FlyByWire A320 LEAP AIRAC 2107

Can anybody confirm this?
I cannot set a general Dep./Arr. data like LIRP/LFMN.
The FMC says: “Not in Database”

Der Abt

Hi Sven,
no, can´t confirm it …

LEPA SIDs for 24R (AIRAC 2107 rev. 2 - sim version

and here a screenshot of the FMC from LFMN - all approaches, all STARs available and selectable:

Possible your scenery/content file is messed. Have you tried this from the FAQ:


Hi Richard,

thanks a lot fro Your detailed answer with screenshots!
unfortunately this did not help.
But changing to another distribution (from Experimental to Development) of the FWB A320 did it.

Never had problem with the Experimental, but my fault anyway.

Thanks again!

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