ENSB has no Arrivals

As the title says, I tried the newly released ENSB Airport and I cant select a Runway and approach in the A32NX MCDU. It’s empty and nothing selectable. I dont know if that is an Airplane thing or Navigraph and or Airport developer thing. But I guess it has something to do with the navigational data.

I have tried to reproduce your report but without success. Here the selectable approaches/runways in FMC in the A320neo:
Also, all approaches (excl. the CTL approaches) are selectable and useable without any problems. Sorry, must be any other issue but the approaches are included as you see.

PS: one tip: close the sim - open our client-app - remove the dataset and install it again - the reason for the tip is, that possible the order in the scenery-file is messed up and with this procedures (remove - install it again), the navdata package will be added back again into the right place.

Ok thats crazy. I will try again. Maybe there were a loading issue.

Ok tried again and followed your tips, but I have nothing inside to select. Maybe because I am using the A320 MOD (A32NX) latest version?!! And payware ENSB.Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2020.11.27 -|690x388

Maybe - the best to test this is:

  1. Disable both (A320Mod and the ENSB) - working?
  2. Disable the A320mod and let the ENSB active - try it again - working?
  3. Disable the ENSB scenery and let the A320mod active - try it again - working?

I guess #1 will work, that means the data are included and available. When you try #2 and #3 you know, what the issue is … sorry, but the data should be available (incl. the transition, when you select the runway)


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