LEPA LUNI3M to ILS 06L missing CDP/MJV transitions in Zibo 737

As the title indicates, in XP11.55 with the Zibo 737 - when STAR LUNI3M and Approach ILS06L to LEPA is selected, only the ADX transition is offered, the CDP / MJV transitions are not displayed.

Navigraph Chart (11-1) for the LEPA ILS 06L approach shows both the ADX and CDP/MJV transitions.

Interestingly, in Navigraph data, CDP is offered as a transition for the LOC 06L approach but not the ILS. That does seem odd.



I also can explain the missing transitions … I guess, we need assistance from our data-provider.

Thanks for the report, I will let open this topic, till we have an answer to this …


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