LEBB unable to connect CEGA3T to ILS-Z approach via BLV in Zibo Mod in XP11.55

Hi there,
In the Zibo Mod FMS in XP11.55 (with AIRAC 2203 rev1) I’m unable to select the CEGA3T arrival and the ILS-Z 12 approach.

Part of the issue might be that there is no BLV transition offered for the ILS-Z 12 approach by the FMS.

According to Navigraph charts (10-2 and 11-1) this should be possible, i.e.: CEGA3T > BLV IAF > ILS-Z Rwy 12.

Many Thanks,

Hi Chris,
thanks for the report but it looks like a Zibo issue than a navdata issue because the BLV transition for the ILS12-Z approach are included in the data. Here from the corresponding lines in the XP11 dataset, which will be used by the Zibo addon:

You see the yellow marker, thats the transitions BLV with the procedure-turn. So, the navdata contains this transition. Please report this to Zibo … sorry for that.


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