Win10, X-Plane11.50, FlightFactor B777 Extended, Airac2106, Simbrief Download.
The route from EGSS to LEPA works fine as far as LORES for an ILS on 24LY. Selecting the LORES1P STAR throws up an error on the FMC and it won’t accept it. I note that there are two IAFs for ILS24LY (I’m coming via POS) and wonder if that is why the system is non-operational. On the aircraft, as far as I remember the problem would be resolved by having two ‘transitions’ listed.
I have read the Nav Data txt files for the approach and can see the comma de-limited components for the spreadsheet (?). I can see height limitations and speed restrictions. Is there a decode for each of the 12 components anywhere that I could peruse? I might have a go at trying to get it to work.
All the best, Martyn