Kmia ils12 appr


it Seems sth is wrong with the ILS 12 APPR, comming from west. The DHP wp makes no sense here.


sorry to say, but that´s a sim issue - there are a lot of limitations and bugs in the flightmanagement of the sim and we can´t do anything with our data. I will short explain what happened here:

The KMIA ILS12 has one transtion DHP. First, you can´t set any transition the worldmap so the sim takes the first transition automatically (if one exist). In our case, DHP exists therefore the strange route DHP - GLRIA - PIANA - VEPCO. That happens with all in-game FMCs/Garmins which use the sim flightmanagement - The FBW uses also the in-game flightmanagement.

It doesn´t happened as an example in the WorkingTitle CJ4 because they use their own flightmanagement and not the in-game flightmanagement.

Here the arrival in the WT CJ4 - you see the transition DHP (white - so not selected - same as “no vias”):

… and here the result, when I EXEC this:

Absolutely correct - the ILS starts at PIANA no DHP transition added …
Sorry, all uses the same data from us but we have no incluence of the interpretation - that´s a sim issue.


Txs for the explanation. Hope Asobo get rid of this bugs asap.


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