LEAS Airport Missing DME on ILS Rwy 29

The ILS on Rwy 29 of LEAS Airport (Spain) It,s Missing. Detected on xplane 11 anda Flight Factor Airbus 320



Can you please be more specific. The ILS RWY29 LEAS is showing GS and LOC:


Hello, yes the loc and gs works well. It,s the ILS DME that are not displayed.

the DME navaid for AVS is missing in the data and therefore the FF can´t receive the DME signal. I have just checked the upcoming AIRAC 2111, and the same - no DME navaid. Currently, I don´t know, why the DME is missing - haven´t found anything in the AIP nor in the notams.

The strange thing is only, that nearly all charts reference the VOR VES as the main “DME” part. So, possible there is any coding restrictions for that. We will try to check with our data provider, why this DME is missing. Sorry for that - as soon we have an answer, we will come back here.

BTW, thanks for the report :wink:


The Rwy 29 has an ILS-DME. I received the localicer and glide slope but not DME .

Yes, that´s what I have also confirmed, but the DME navaid is missing in the source and that must be any reason.