AVS ILS DME missing

SO: Windows 11
Issue: LEAS R29 ILS AVS seems to have missing DME and no lateral or vertical guidance using AIRAC 2310 rev1 cycle. Same issue is verified by several mates at my VA flying an event to LEAS using Black Square 350. After uninstalling the cycle the AVS ILS comes back normally.

Screenshots obe with Navigraph AIRAC, and the other without it. Taken at same position, 0.1 DME at RWY29. Also verified in flight doing right circuit (to the sea).

thanks for reporting this - I can confirm the missing AVS DME. I have tried to find out why it could be missing but I haven´t found any real good reason for that. There are a lot of NOTAMS for LEAS one or two also for the DME but that´s not the reason that this DME is missing.

Also the AIP Spain shows the ILSDME and it looks that the DME is on the same location as the LOC:

Anyways, we will ask Jeppesen about this, possible there is a special reason for that. I have also looked back in the previous data and till 2305, I haven´t found this AVS DME somewhere. So, worth to ask I guess. I will keep this topic open, till we have gotten an answer.

Thanks again for this valuable hint,

Thanks for your time. We’ll wait till a fix is made.

sorry for the delay of this answer … this missing ILS-DME will now be added and will be available with the AIRAC cycle 2313. For 2312 it is a little bit too late due the 56-days period.

Starting with 2313 (28th December 2023) this DME is added, available and select able in all datasets …

Hope that helps

Thank you for your help.

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