LRIA ILS Rwy 14 - Missing IAF

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From the chart 11-1, ARPIG appears to be an IAF, but I cannot find it in both Navigraph Charts and Fenix A320 on MSFS (with latest Navigraph navdata).

Same goes for the NDB DME RWY 14 approach. I would check on the Romanian AIP but it isn’t loading for me right now.

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this transition can´t be coded according the ARINC424 rules and therefore this transition is missing from the charts and also from the data.

The reason is the DME Arc from ARPIG → D312K … according the AIP (and you see this on our charts too), this segment is defined as DME Arc 10.5/ISI … The coding of AF legs (= DME Arcs) require the Arc defining navaid needs to be a collocated VHF (means a VOR, VORDME, a VORTAC or a TACAN), but ISI is only a DME (or a NDB) … therefore, you can´t code it.

The yellow marker is the definition of the DME Arc, the blue marker the DME and the NDB:

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Hi Richard,

Thank you for the quick reply and the clear explanation.

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