Latest update of FMS Data Manager not loading

I have posted this in a different topic but it does not allow me to post another message.
I need to revert to the previous FMS Data Manager version which worked like a charm because the latest update all it does is install the FMS Data Manager icon in my tray (Windows 10)
Can I have an executable to revert to the previous version please?

please give us more details, like with OS (Win10) you use, in which patch-level … also, please upload the latest log-file here. You find the log-files here

What happened, when you start the application?

Thank you,

I have already posted all that, you requested them 5 days ago in another topic.
But I was not allowed to post another message in that topic, I had a limit of 3! hence I opened a new topic.
The answers are all in that previous topic, including the Log file.
Anyway, do not bother anymore, I just found the previous installer in my Downloads folder (thank God for that) and with that one all works fine again.