FMS Data Manager interface not showing up


my FMS Data manager is not showing up. I just wanted to update my FMS Data and I am unable to open the Manager.
The icon is open/running, but no interface is showing up.

I have

  • reinstalled the software (deleted via add&remove, deleted all files in x86…)
  • I have no antivirus (all set to off)
  • no idea whats going on

… I dont think I need to write this → sure I restarted, updated windows and everything else and yes i am the admin and have all rights…

hope you can help.

thx, zischke

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me too :frowning: … it takes a loooooong time to load (more than 10 min)



I see you have been a customer for a good while, thank you.

Presumably this has worked before without delay. What has changed on your system since - Windows Update, Antivirus Update etc ? Which operating system and version?

Make sure you are running the latest FMS Data Manager


Im not sure this is the same issue but i have had the issue in the past where the data manager interface wont load at all… you can wait however long you want… I found a thread in which Ian suggested to the OP of that thread clear out his c:\programdata\navigraph\FMSClient and another folder (i forget which since the FMSClient folder was the problem)… in that folder i saw a million
settings.conf.lock , settings.conf.lock.rmlock, settings.conf.lock.rmlock.rmlock… etc… etc… (see below image of my recycle bin) - once i clear the entire folder, then uninstall then reinstall data manager it works fine and loads up right away.

If i ONLY remove the lock settings.conf.lock… files and leave the rest of the folder and do NOT reinstall, then, while the next load is slow , but it does load eventually (waiting a couple minutes for the app to load bothers me less than having to redo my settings) Airac changes are pretty infrequent also helps… although every few months it happens again and i have to clear out the lock files again.

Anyways… i added on to this thread since… im hoping it will help… but also … im not sure why this hasnt been addressed in the application itself. I mean since the DIY solution is relatively simple and the problem only happens to few people… i sort of get it why it is not a high priority or on the radar at all … but still the application is doing something that none of my other apps are doing. It would be nice for the application to recognize its stuck churning out the repeat lock files instead of loading the interface , and then break its-self free and delete the files.

any solution in sight?

Do you use dual monitor or have you used it?


20220110-073410.log (4.3 KB)

Yes, of course. in the attachement the last logfile

Please, close the FMS Data Manager and delete the settings.conf file …

It´s located here:

After that, start the FMS Data Manager again.


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Hello Richard, thank you for your reaction.

  • File deleted, computer shut down, started the manager after restart…
  • Unfortunately, no improvement. Same as before …

… and a beer from Germany :wink:

20220121-155013.log (3.6 KB)

Danke Oliver :beers:

Same as before means, you still don´t see the interface? Right?

What OS version do you exactly use?


Edition Windows 10 Pro
Version 21H1
Installiert am ‎01.‎09.‎2020
Betriebssystembuild 19043.1466
Leistung Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0


So, last water level report:
All updates successful…
Started: 07:47 am
Done: 19:34
I don’t want to be impatient … but I find almost 12 hours really long …
Do you really have no idea/solution for me?

Best regards
20220128-074727.log (99.2 KB)

Hi Oliver,

That is long. Try disabling antivirus as a test?


Looking at your log file, something is very odd. For example, it took you 50 minutes just to download the LNM dataset, which is 100 MB. It took me 10 seconds here. (I’m in Sweden.)

  • What type of Internet connection are you on? Can you change to test (connect via mobile broadband for example)?

  • In which country are you located? You are currently connected to the download endpoint in Europe.

  • As Ian says, disable antivirus would be one idea. Any difference?

  • Are you connecting via proxy server or VPN? Can you do without?

  • Do you have a software or hardware firewall? Ca you disable?

This is not a general issue with our servers or infrastructure, the issue seems to be something on your machine or network. Try the above and it will hopefully be easier to pinpoint.



Already tried, no change :frowning:



Hello Stephen, here are my answers:

  • What type of Internet connection are you on?
    – DSL by Vodafon (see picture)

  • In which country are you located?
    – Germany (in the middle of Europe :wink: )

  • Are you connecting via proxy server or VPN?
    – No

-Do you have a software or hardware firewall?
– As always, Software: Windows Defender

– and Hardware

It’s clear to me that I’m pretty much alone with my problem. So thank you in advance.

Warm greetings

As I mentioned:

Could you test?


Yes, of course! … but no success :frowning: The same procedure as last

… this is what the task manager looks like …

Your USB stick is ”Fritz WLAN”. I know Fritz comes with some built in security ”features” - could they be interfering?

Do you have a completely separate computer to try the downloads, just for debugging purposes?

Can you connect to to measure your bandwidth?