Kssc localizer X-Plane 11.55

I recently uploaded a new update from Navigraph and KSSC ILS localizers for runway 4 and 22 appear to be wrong compared to previous frequencies. Might want to check those again.

we have for 04 (ident ISSC) 110.10 and for 22 (ident IJWU) 108.70.

I have check the FAA data and the frequencies are the same. So, what frequencies do you expect?


Prior to the Navigraph update 4L was lining up with 110.10 and 22R was lining up with 108.7 -established approach plate charts – no prob. – after update 4 R is lining up with 110.10 and 4L is the Back Course for 22R 108.7. I am running X-plane 11.55 if that matters but I know what I am seeing on the screen just thought you would want to know.

… thats ok so far, again I have re-checked now the FAA database with this:

04L (ISSC) and 04R (IUFO) has one shared frequency 110.10:

22R (IJWU) has one frequency 108.70:

So, this is correct so far - I don´t see any issue here, sorry.


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