KSMF Missed approach hold procedure ILS17L

Hello, I just flew to KSMF and was landing ILS17L in FS2020. I decided to perform a missed approach in the CRJ900. The Naigraph charts looked good and matched the charts (Nav data) in the CRJ. Everything looked good airpo rt to the SAC VOR then started to move across for the right tear drop entry as expected. At this point, the plane turned left veering away from the charted hold pattern which is right tear drop entry. In addition, the plane seemed to hunt around and veer back and forth heading north but never rejoining the hold pattern. I shot the 17L approach and performed the missed approach 2 times with the same result. In addition, I set up a manual hold on the SAC VOR with the same entry instructions and the plane followed it without incident. I assume something is not being handled correctly in the missed approach instructions. can you investigate and let me know.
Hopefully, this is the correct area to post this. If not please advise.
Thanks Dennis

I noticed I have a few wonky things with the CRJ as well. I noticed if you don’t have the active leg in the CDU it hunts for the routing. I suspect the aircraft not locking onto the next waypoint. In any event, I will conduct some testing as well and send to the dev team.

Awesome thanks for the help. Let me know what you find

Alright, I tested this approach. It seems as you have to build the hold into the CDU. It’s odd as the CRJ will not automatically fly the missed. We have to build the MCP back up once we go missed as we are flying the ILS (not a NAV profile). The FMS says HOLD at SAC but does not go active. Let me dig a bit into the manuals.

I pinged Aerosoft and they have acknowledged that the plane will not follow published holds yet. They mentioned they are working on a fix but will not release “when” it will be fixed.

I tried many other missed approach procedures at different airports then opened a ticket wit Aerosoft since none of the missed approaches worked at any airport I tried.

Thanks for looking into it.

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