KMVL RNAV A missing UYZAY altitude

Good evening, great product and love flying with it. On BVARTCC Wings IFR 20 flight from KRUT to KMVL we fly the RNAV A starting at MPV. The G1000Nxi flies the approach fine until TURVE where it gets stuck at 3,000’ rather than descending to 1,980’ at UYZAY. Please see the attached screenshot that shows UYZAY without an altitude.



it looks more an issue in the G1000NXi because the constraint is included. Here the same approach from the FBW A320 (latest development version), which uses exactly the same data as the NXi:

So, the data are included but will not be used by the G1000NXi … sorry, please report this ASOBO/MS. As you see, it´s no navdata issue.


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