Missing airport in Navigraph chart

I am using Navigraph chart on a network pc. Msfs 2020 is installed on a second PC and I have simlink running. In msfs I have a addon for VHHX Kai Tak, the airport exit in msfs2020 and in simbrief, but it doesn’t in chart. So when I load a simbrief flight plan from VHHX to RJAA for example, I get no info for departure and VHHX is not showing on the map.

Do I have to create the airport info in Navigraph chart , if yes how? Or I am missing something. I am updating the chart info in MSFS using Navdata center, but I am not updating the navdata in the chart application running on the network pc, should I?


Hi …,


Please see VHHX Request (due to recent introduction of payware scenery in FS2020)


Ok thanks, it make sense

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