Active Nav Data Base in X plane 11

Hello, I have a question, what´s wrong with my Airac MCDU A 319 of Toliss??
I am using X plane 11 and I´ve tryed to fly in Lima SPJC but the runways still apears as Rwy 15 and 33


The X-Plane 11 default scenery has RWY 15/33. Navigraph doesn’t add scenery.

There is an addon scenery at the X-Plane Scenery Gateway which adds runways 16L/R 34L/R.


I was not referring to that if not to Airac, note that there are no updated SIDs ,e.g there is no ASOXI2 , and note the Blue arrow in the second Nav Data Base
Although I have the Airac downloaded from navigraph, I still have the default data

the runway information are no part of the AIRAC updates in X-Plane. Its part of X-Plane itself. We can’t update runway idents nor can we add new runways because there is no possibility todo this in XP.

Here a list, what can updata - this is directly from the XP dev webpage:

So, its a scenery issue and not a navdata issue. When the runway idents arecorrect, you will also see the correct terminal procedures, because they are still all included.


Here from the Toliss A319 MCDU with AIRAC 2307 and the addon scenery I mentioned:


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