Keyboard stops working in 787

In the 787 the real keyboard stop working once you open the in game panel… Everything else works fine. I am using the latest " heavy" mod… The FBW Airbus works fine… I have also noticed a drop in fps in both aircraft



That’s strange. We aren’t hijacking the keyboard in any way, in fact you don’t even need to use the keyboard in the Panel as you can use the built-in virtual keyboard.

Please see if you can repeat this behavior on another flight. Also make sure you have the latest panel version installed (v0.4).



I have tested in other aircraft and what I found is that if you open the inpanel in VR everything continue to work fine if close inpanel while in VR the (real) keyboard stops working if then open the inpanel again everything is fine… I am using the latest version (v0.4) I use the (real) keyboard to change views in VR