Keep the Old VOR's

The growing number of simmers who fly propliners and other historical airplanes are in desperate need of historical nav data. Every update these days eliminates more VOR’s, DME’s, Tacans and other navaids and intersections. There is already a third party movement to restore (or perhaps more properly introduce) the old Adcock 4-course radio ranges. But we need at least one set of nav data that captures and preserves all of the VOR’s and other radio nav aids that ever existed. In the USA, this would probably be from around the late 1980’s.
Even better would be to have several, one perhaps from each decade, that could be purchased singly or in combination. We gotta keep from losing all of this, because not everyone is a “child of the magenta”!
This data already exists from back in the day - it should be easy to put it out there. Just sayin’!

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I believe that this request is already covered by this existing topic:

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It is, although I could not find it when I was looking over the wish list - that site is rather difficult to navigate, much less investigate (maybe it’s just me!).

I have spoken to Navigraph personnel on several occasions during various of the flight sim conventions, and have been told that this is not feasible, but I believe that notion to be based more upon economics than technicality. The data are all there, specifically in the installation disks of earlier flight sims, particularly FS4 and FSX, if nowhere else, and could easily be reconstituted. It might be necessary to create a completely different sim setup (as is possible with the early MSFS products and also XPlane) for the “old days” simming, but this is trivial for enthusiasts of such things. If nothing else, perhaps the proliferation of older airplane simulations these days will create a sufficiently large body of interest for this sort of thing to be profitable. After all, some designers are even producing “golden age” scenery products to serve this market, which is the other area that needs to be developed in order to improve the immersion factor for such simulations.

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This is what I find using the search function, with the first wishlist result being the linked topic:


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We hear your request, and we still do not think that it is feasible - especially not in the short term. But perhaps it becomes possible in the future, and in that case, it is good that a wishlist topic exists so that we can see what kind of interest we are looking at among our users!

You are free to share the topic (the linked one) around to raise awareness.

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