Old school Radio Navigation Charts?

What follows is similar to my earlier post in the Just Flight Fokker F28 forum.

For pilots wanting to fully immerse themselves in their airworthy BAe146 and F28 relics, here’s an aspect to flying these aircraft in todays latter day world that needs some attention.

Flight planning beacon hopping routes is still plausible as VOR & NDB beacons still feature on navigational route planning charts (even though NDBs are being actively phased out).

The rub is that finding old school SID/STARs and APP plates featuring VOR, VOR/DME, and/or NDB radio navigation is becoming harder.

These legacy charts and the ability to properly fly old radio navigation is an art form that is fast disappearing.

Digitally driven GPS/GNSS RNAV/RNP is fast taking over, so does anyone have any thoughts on where to find repositories of bygone charts?

Hi! Thanks for reaching out on our forum.

The license agreement that we have with our data provider does not allow Navigraph to distribute old navigational data and/or charts. Unfortunately, we cannot help you in this regard.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

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OK, thank you, it was worth reaching out.
I’ll have to stockpile what I have, then.

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