Historical Navdata - Help bring the classics back

Dear Navigraph.

I’d like to suggest you a new product that can be called like Historical Nav or something like this.

What about selling historical AIRACS for MSFS, with plenty of VORs and NDBs of each decade? So we can enable it when flying classic airplanes, like the DC-6, DC-3 and others.

This would be a dream for classic simmers.



Thank you for your feedback and request. Currently we don’t have any possibility to do this, mainly for contractual reasons, but even if we could we’d really need to evaluate the business case as it comes with quite some logistical challenges. Only MSFS? Then others would want it for other sims/aircraft. Only navdata? Then others would want this reflected also in the charts. Etc. :slight_smile:

Your interest is noted, however.

Kind regards,


My point exactly… why just MSFS? Other simulator users are being squeezed out of the market place enough as it is!

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