Historical Airway, IAP and Nav Database Option?

Hi everyone,

We are blessed to have some really cool airliners and GA that make good old fashion VOR to VOR flying a lot of fun. It seems like the number of these models available for us are growing. However, as can be seen in many areas of the world, we have lost a lot of V & J routes that are being replaced by T & Q. No doubt in the future even those might be in jeopardy as we see the grid system implementation of the national reference system.

While in real life it makes perfect sense from an efficiency standpoint to continue developing a system that allows more direct flight options, in the simulated world many could see this as getting very boring and not so challenging.

Would you consider having a mode that lets us dial back to historical routing, including non-RNAV SIDs/STARs, and IAPs?

I can’t help but think this would be a really cool option.



We only provide the latest AIRAC cycles of FMS Data and Charts. To provide past cycles would be a major logistical, licensing, support and payment undertaking for which we have no plans.

Sorry about that.


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