KCRQ ILS RWY 24 Approach is missing the HOMLY IAF Transition

Hi, I’m a brand new user. I searched but could not find a match for this exactly. As stated in the title, HOMLY IAF is missing from the selectable ILS 24 list of transitions at KCRQ. Foreflight has it (up-to-date), but I don’t see it in Navigraph. Is it an oversight? Or is there a logic to this? It’s the only one that is missing for that approach, so it sure seems like it’s supposed to be there.


EDIT: I should also add that HOMLY is an option in the approach procedure in the 430 (in the Baron 58 at least). So the 430 matches Foreflight, but not Navigraph Charts.



As I understand the ILS 24 at KCRQ has two transitions JLI and OCN. The OCN transition contains waypoints OCN, HOMLY, ESCON



Thank you, glad to be here. I’m having a blast working toward an instrument rating that I thought I would never need haha, and managing to actually have fun doing it thanks to resources like Navigraph. That’s really cool, in my opinion.

I see what you mean. So HOMLY is implied from OCN, so the transition is labeled as OCN. I just found it disorienting that HOMLY is listed as a transition in both Foreflight and Garmin (along with OCN and JLI).

Your understanding makes sense. I’ll go with it.

You are welcome.

Happy flying.


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