Help with NAVDATA.There is no altitude limited is SID

my English is not good,so I will try to use picutres to describe my question.
I have install navigraph data from Navdata Center

but when I choose a SID in game,it does not contain the ALT limit.(Hondajet use GARMIN G3000)

As you see,it does not follow the charts,I think it should be a 5000ft limited here(RAMEN).

But when I choose STAR,the alt limit is working
FBW320 face the same problem in my computer.I don’t know what happened.Maybe it is bug of MFS or NAVIGRAPH,or actually that’s how it works,thanks.

I have tried to re-produce it with the latest version of the FBW A320 (dev-version) but I can´t … I see the speed and the altitude restriction.

Here the ATEN1X out of VHHH:

Also you don´t read the chart correctly - there is an speed (205 kts) and an altitude restriction (5000 ft) at PORPA and additional from PORPA a speed restriction (220 kts) till RAMEN. Both are included in our data as you see in the screenshot …

So I assume, thats more an issue in the G3000 as in the navdata. What I don´t understand is, that you also don´t see this in the FBW. Please check, if you have installed the latest version (and possible the stable or better the dev version and not the experimental).

Sorry, but thats not a navdata issue as you see.

Hope that helps,

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     Thank You for your reply.i change the version of fbw from experimental to development and it works!I think the reason is the SimBridge in few installer.
     For G3000.I use defult G3000 of games instead of G3000 of workingtitle.It works successfully too.
     Thanks again for your reply.
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