KAVL wrong ILS data for runways 35 & 17 X-Plane

Your data for May is wrong for KAVL. It’s putting the ILS to the old runways of 16 and 34. The runways for KAVL are 17 & 35. But your ILS data is lining up for 34 and 16… Long time subscriber first complaint…but this is my home airport. So frustrating. It use to be correct but now it’s wrong. Thanks

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sorry, I´m not sure, what you mean with “lining up to the old runways”. When the runway-idents will be changed, than due the magnetic variation but that doesn´t mean that the localizer antenna will also be changed. That means, the lineup should work with 16 or 17 … this is only the runway ident, but no physical change on the ground. Also, I have looked into the data and we offer 17/35 as runway.

Here a screenshot of the raw procedure file for KAVL, which X-Plane 11 use:

On the last two lines you see RW17/RW35 with the ILS idents IIMO and IAVL …

Also, I have checked the ILS information for KAVL and here again, I can´t see any issue here:

Possible I misunderstood you, but according our data, which we offer for X-Plane 11, it looks ok so far.


are you maybe using an old version of X-Plane? Or do you have a custom scenery pack installed for KAVL?

The default scenery as shipped with X-Plane 11.55 has the re-built runway 17/35. 16/34 was a temporary runway (now a taxiway) parallel to the runway that was used while the main runway was being rebuilt. X-Plane scenery for a long time showed the airport as it was when it was under construction. Default scenery as of X-Plane 11.55 reflects the airport as it is now operational with the big runway again.

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