KTYR Incorrect runways

KTYR Tyler Pounds Regional Airport does not have runways 17/35 as shown. The correct runways are 18/36 and have always been that way. There is no recent change.



I concur. Where are you seeing Runways 18/36. For which OS, FS, Addon and AIRAC no?

Screenshots would help using Guide to posting Screenshots


I’m flying in Xplane 11.50 on a Windows 10 PC. KTYR is my home airport. KTYR is showing runways 17/35. All other runways are correct. KTYR has always had 18/36.

It looks like X-Plane 11 has incorrect runways. We dont update this. Best to notify X-Plane via Bug reports | X-Plane Scenery Gateway.

Also I see an addon scenery for KTYR there. Maybe this corrects the runways?


runways were 17/35 until March 2021 and were re-designated in April of this year. I would call this a “recent change”. You are welcome to submit a scenery fix to x-plane: X-Plane Scenery Gateway


Well now I feel stupid. lol Fairly new pilot and I had covid and almost died in the hospital. A lot going on this last year. Still, I never realized the change. Thanks for the help.

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